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About Backlink Checker

Why to use Backlink Checker?

Backlinks are very important for a blog to rank on search engines. This free SEO tool will help you to check backlinks of any website.

If you want to rank a specific post on search engine, you can check backlinks of the website topping at that list and make equal or more amount of backlinks for your website.

You can make backlinks in one click by using our free backlink maker tool.

What is Backlink Checker?

It is a free SEO tool provided by "SafeSEOtools" to help you check backlinks of your website.

It scans internet to find where and on which websites your website or post links are used and shows you the number of websites links back to your website.

What are benefits of Backlink Checker?

It is beneficial for those who want to keep track of their website backlinks. It will help webmaster to check their website backlinks.

Every website owner wants to rank their website on Google, and for that they have to check their competitor backlinks where the need of backlink checker comes. 

They have to check their competitor's backlinks so that they can make more backlinks than their competitor.

How Backlink checker works?

Backlink checker scans whole internet and checks for your links in another websites. After checking, it shows the number of links it founds on different websites.

After finding number of links on different websites it shows you how many website link back to your domain name which are backlinks of your website.

Why to use our Backlink Checker?

Our backlink checker is more efficient than other available on internet.

1. It scans complete internet for finding backlinks of your website.

2. It shows accurate number of backlinks your website have on other websites.

3. It is easy to use and one click checker.

How to use it?

This tool is completely easy to use as only two step action is needed to check backlinks of your website.

Step1: Insert link of your website (like "") into the box given.

Step2: Click on submit button. And Done! You got number of backlinks your website have.

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