6 Best Ways To Avoid Google Penalties While Doing SEO?

03/11/2020 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo, digital marketing

Avoid Google Penalties While Doing SEO

About 90% of the organic traffic of your webpage comes from the primary search indexing results page. That’s why it’s essential to remain on top position in Google rankings all the time. Oftentimes, your business success depends on how smart your website ranks are. 

Now, imagine that you just are a little business owner, and you made the choice to use SEO services to improve your website rankings.

You get up, the sun is shining, and you log in to your search console to check performance of your web pages. What is it?! How it is possible? It should be some error. 

But, once you refresh the webpage, nothing changes, and everything becomes clear. Your webpage was admonished with Google algorithms.

Luckily, this nightmare is merely a hypothetic scenario, and it'll never happen. As a result of you’ll implement the information from this text, which will allow you to avoid Google penalties within the future.

Introduction to Google Penalty

From associate SEO perspective, the term “penalty” means that associate negative impact on a website’s organic search rankings caused by an algorithmic program update or a manual action.

Anything that violates Google’s Webmaster policies may result in an exceedingly penalty against your web site. The 2 main varieties are algorithm-based, that is automatic, and manual, that is associate intentional penalty for “black hat” actions.

Though Google doesn’t decision recursive hits “penalties” per seo, the final result feels an equivalent to an internet site owner. It’s as if someone threw down a penalty flag against your web site.

1. Improve your Content Quality

It’s laborious to stay track of everything that you just denote on your web site. There’s tens, if not many totally different posts. Certify that everything you denote and can post within the future is compliant with Google’s Webmaster tips.

If you post only for the sake of posting, you will be hit with Google algorithms within the future. Certify that your content is usually of fine quality.

2. Don’t buy Backlinks

Links passing SEO worth to your web site ought to look natural. Certify a “nofollow” attribute is used to any paid links (such as ads) and stand back from link schemes.

3. Stop Keyword Stuffing

Stuffing your content with precise repetitions of a key phrase will hurt your programme rankings. Keywords are vital, however use keywords befittingly in an exceedingly natural-sounding method.

4. Don't create doorway Pages

It implies that you’re making multiple pages and ranking them for specific keywords. These pages sometimes contain few or no content in the least, and that they solely exist to redirect the traffic to your real webpage.

Don’t ever try this, Google hates this method, and you'll be definitely get fined for that.

5. Don't create Spammy Comment Backlinks

It’s a really common SEO method. At first, it had been a really useful method, however Google is now smarter than ever. Avoid the temptation of posting unrelated comments with not helpful links at your web site.

As per Google it is considered as a black-hat SEO strategy, and Google algorithms can penalize you for doing that. If you would like to improve your website traffic by creating comment backlinks, certify that they're relevant.

6. Use SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate provides security to your website. It is very important to use SSL certificate if you want to improve your SEO Rankings as well as to avoid google penalty on your website.

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It is very important to know the way to avoid Google penalizations, as well as to do good SEO practices for your website.

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