Best And Cheap High Traffic web Hosting for Beginners

04/02/2020 12:00 AM by Admin in Hosting,

best and cheap high traffic hosting for beginners


If you are for searching for Best And Cheap High Traffic web Hosting, then this article is for you,


I will tell you about best and cheap high traffic web hosting, What are its Pros and Cons and whether you should use this hosting or not.

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Why we thing Hostinger is Best And Cheap High Traffic Web Hosting?

We are using hostinger from past 2 years, even this website is also hosted on hostinger. When we first saw hostinger, it was very cheap as compared to other hosting providers. So we thought it will be very slow and won't be able to handle as much traffic as we want.


But still we thought to give it a try and bought its 2 years premium plan. The main reason for selecting a premum plan is to host multiple website on the same hosting.


After moving our other website which has about 2000 visitors per day this hosting was handling that without any problem. So we decided to add more websites to this hosting.


We added 1 more website which has traffic about 5000 visitors per day and the hosting was still holding without any problem.


After 3 months our traffic of all websites increased to nearly 10000 visitors per day and our websites were running very smoothly. So we started one more website on the same account.


This was a new website and did not had traffic more than 200 visitors per day. But after adding our 3rd website our other two websites became slow.


So we contacted to hostinger support and told them that we are having slow loading speed on our website. Their support team was very helpful and told us to set our existing servers to Asian servers.


We asked them if they can update our servers from their side, and they said yes. They started to update our servers, and after 2 hours our servers got updated.


After update, our all websites were running very fast. We were enjoying this hosting and was very happy as we got it for very cheap price. It coasted us only Rs.3500 for 2 years of hosting of a premium plan.

hostinger affordable plans

If we calculate it, it is just Rs.145 per month with about handling of 15000 visitors per day. Many hosting at this price only gives 45,000 visitors per month.


But if you use hostinger it gives you strength to handle more than 4,50,000 visitors per month. It is 10 times what other hosting provider gives.


Some of our visitors told us that they are successfully running their website with 20000 visitors per day. But as of our experience with hostinger, we have experienced that it runs smooth even with 15000 visitors per day.


Our website "Safe SEO Tools" is a 4th website we started on same hosting. You can check its speed and performance as a testing of hostinger hosting.

Hostinger Pros and Cons


1. It is very fast

2. Provides 99.9% uptime

3. Easy to manage Dashboard

4. Good customer support

5. Gives 1 free domain + 1 free SSL

6. Support 1 click wordpress installation.

7. Unlimited Custom Email

8. Unlimited Sub domains


1. No daily backup on single and premium plan of shared hosting

2. No free SSL for other websites (Only 1 free SSL)


It is a good hosting, it is fast, it is affordable and have a good support to its customers.

We are personally using this hosting from 2 years and will definitely recommend to everyone to give it a try.


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All the above given information is based on our personal experience with hostinger (With Premium Shared Hosting Plan). Your experience may vary depending your hosting plan and your server locations. We did not force you to use this hosting; we are loving it so we are just recommending it.


Thank you for reading our full post. If you have any experience with hostinger, share your experience in comment section.

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