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semrush for free trial

Hello guys, today I’m gonna share with you the way to use SEMRush for free with semrush free trial.

SEMRush is an SEO tool which allows you to do a lot of different things for your SEO or search engine optimization.

So SEMRush allows you

  • To do keyword research for your website,
  • To do website audits,
  • Lets you check your backlinks of your websites
  • And helps you to increase traffic of your website(s).

All digital agency uses SEMRush for all of their clients to analyze their sites do competitor research and all of that.

I highly recommend that you check out and click the link below to use semrush for free with SEMRush free trial and give it a shot.

If you use semrush and all the stuff you’ll see in the SEMRush free trial.

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How to use SEMRush for free trial

In SEMRush there’s the domain analytics, you just simply type in your domain into given box and click on search.

semrush domain analysis with free trial

Here you can select the country that it’s in that you want to get the analytics from.

For example,

Wherever the main market it tells you the organic search level, if there’s any paid search then it gives you a really high-level overview of the tool.

For example,

Semrush tool shows you the organic keywords and where those keywords are ranking and you paid here as you can see the trend over time for the visibility.

This is its best part because you can actually see what keywords that website is ranking for right now and also the organic position distributions around the world.

Where the bulk of the opportunities are that you can target and optimize for and then obviously the main organic competitors.

What you can do with SEMRush Free Trial?

With SEMRush free trial you can do competitor research, domain analysis, keyword magic tool, etc. but only for 10 searches per day.

You can see who are your search competitors in the SEMRush and then obviously you can use for your SEO so you can use it to do a backlink research.

You can do rank analysis, you can compare different domains, then you can go into keyword analytics and check keyword difficulty of every keyword with semrush for free.

The keyword magic tool is amazing let me tell you how that works:

Actually we click on keyword magic tool which allows you to find targeted keywords that you want to rank for.

For example,

Let’s say I want to do keyword research on “How to make money online”, so i will type it in the given box of SEMRush.

After clicking on search, it will show me the top keywords with the highest volume and the keyword difficulty score.

Obviously the lower this number of keyword dificulty the easier it will be to rank for so it’s really easy tool to get started.

semrush keyword magic with free trial

Here then we filter the keyword difficulty and this tool will show you only keywords with less keyword difficulty.

If you select the related keyword section in this semrush for free trial, this will give us even more inside the phrase match related keywords.

There is everything you need to do seo of your website. It have a built in function to write a seo friendly post by using this tool.

SEO writing assistant is pretty much useful this allows you to do on page seo of your each and every post. But you do not get this more than 7 days with semrush free trial.

You can basically copy or paste a finished article there and then you can scan it and see how optimized it is for that tool for your keyword.

There are a couple others functions of this tool you can use in SEMRush free trial account and those are really powerful.

I highly recommend you to use this semrush for free with trial account and I would only recommend this actually because I used this personally and it’s a really good tool.

Click the following link and you can make your account with SEMRush for free.

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Its free trial account gives you daily 10 searches which can be enough for you if you are a beginner in seo or blogging.

Disclaimer: The given link to register is an affiliated link, which means if you purchase any plan of SEMRush i will get commission.

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