What are CTAs and why they are Important for Marketing?

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what are ctas call to action

CTA is a digital marketing acronym for Call-to-Action. It is a button on your website which will encourage your website visitor to buy your product or use your service. Some of general CTA examples are "Get it now", "Book Now", "Sign up Free", "Join Now", etc.

CTAs can be used for every action on a website like signing up, subscribing, buying, etc. It is most important practice for lead generation for your product or service.

Why CTAs are important for marketing?

CTAs are mostly ignored by marketers which decreases amount of their customers. This happens because customers or website visitors gets confused and returns without taking any action on that website.

  • Nearly 60% of businesses do not have call to action button on their website.
  • Nearly 64% of businesses doesn't have call to action buttons on their interior pages.
  • Nearly 62% of websites doesn't display their call to action button on their home page.
  • Only 50% of websites have proper implementation of call to action buttons which are easy to spot on website homepage.

For a digital marketer it is important to reach as much customers as possible and convert them into leads.

Having a proper implementation of call to action buttons on your website increases your leads, which then converts into potential customer.

It is proven that websites having call to action button on their homepage gets 50% more customers than website without having call to action button on their website.

So it is important for marketer to have a call to action button on their website homepage to increase their customers.

Which are top performing CTAs?

Here are two pie charts given below which shows mostly used click to action buttons vs most click getting click to action buttons.

Mostly used popular CTAs

The list given below is of mostly used Call to action buttons with percentage of their usage out of 100%.

most used cta pie chart

  • Shop Now - 74%
  • Download - 4%
  • Sign Up - 4%
  • Book Now - 8%
  • Learn More - 10%

Most clicked CTAs

most clicked ctas

The list given below is of call to action buttons with higher click through rate percentage out of 100% percent.
pie chart of most clicked ctas

  • Learn More - 45%
  • Shop Now - 20%
  • Download - 17%
  • Sign Up - 14%
  • Book Now - 4%

How to Implement CTAs in your website?

Here are things to keep in mind while implementing click-to-action button on your website.

Image of Call to Action Button for Subscribe

Design Of CTAs

For a click to action button, design is very important. The button must be encouragable to encourage website visitors to click on that button.

Having a click to action button instead of a click to action link will be more encouragable for website visitors.

Color of a button is also important, it must be attractive as well as matching to your website theme or template. More attractive buttons are easy to spot for website visitors which makes it easy for them to take action with that button.

Places on website

For an effective call to action button, it must be placed at right place on your website and must be easy to spot for a website visitor.

The most effective place for a call to action button on a website is homepage of that website. Only 50% of websites have their call to action buttons on their homepage.

Effectiveness of CTAs

Call to action buttons must be encouraging, attractive and easy to spot. Attractive and easy to spot call to action button gets much more clicks than other call to action buttons.

Call to action button must land user to a dedicated and detailed landing page. If the landing page is not correct, user will not convert into a customer.

To increase effectiveness of a call to action button you can use humorous CTAs like the image given below.

example of effective cta

This call to action button have a button as "Launch" and saying people to not to press it. As looking at this button and reading 'do not press' people will definitely want to press that button. This is a perfect example of an effective and creative call to action button.

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