What is Blogging? Can we Make Money with Blogging?

12/12/2019 11:15 AM by Admin in Blogging

what is blogging can we make money with blogging

Before we read what is blogging, let we learn about a blog.

What is a blog?

In past days, people used to write their web logs with date of writing in them. With time they started to write web logs to express themselves, share their hobbies and knowledge to public. As those web logs became source of entertainment and knowledge for people, they became their daily readers. Those readers started to call that weblog with a short name as a blog.

As more time passed, the owners of such blogs got good amount of web traffic to their blogs and found that they can earn money by showing advertisements to those readers.

As other peoples learn about earnings of those blogs, they also started their own blogs and the term blogging came to life.

What is blogging?

Blogging is a way of writing dated posts in a blog which will be helpful for its readers as well as other people. Those posts are written in a website with a particular domain name.

Blog can be on any topic, it can be entertainment blog, news blog, information blog, educational blog, etc.

Can we make money with blogging?

Blogging is a way of sharing your ideas and knowledge to other people on internet. As your blog posts become a daily need for its readers or it becomes informational for other readers on internet, they come to read your posts.

Your readers become your audience and your blog traffic increases. Now you can show advertisements to your blog readers, or you can sell online products to them and earn commission from their sellers.

Blogs have ability to earn thousands of dollars per month. Because of its money making ability, many young people are doing blogging as a way of extra income.

Who can start a blog?

Previously only persons who had knowledge to build a website was able to start a blog. But now as many platforms as "Blogger" and "WordPress" made it easy for everyone to start a website of blog.

Now anyone with knowledge about something, can start their own blog and reach to everyone on internet. As their reach to people increases, they can earn tremendous amount of money from that blog by showing advertisements to those peoples.

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