What is Lead, Lead Generation and Lead time?

07/07/2019 6:17 PM by Admin in Digital marketing

what is lead

Lead is important term for a digital marketer, every marketing strategy is just to generate as much leads as possible. In this article we are going to understand
what is lead?
what is lead generation? and
what is lead time?

What is Lead?

"In terms of digital marketing lead can be defined as a person who is potential customer and willing to buy a product marketed by company or marketer."

Main work of a marketer is to get as much customers as possible, but it is very important that the customer must have interest in the product that a marketer is marketing.

Not every customer can be considered as a lead, only those customer who are interested in marketed product and very likely to buy that product are considered as lead.

What is Lead Generation?

"Lead generation is a process where a marketer reach to a customer and converts him into a potential customer who is willing to buy the product marketed by that marketer."

Lead generation can be done by influencing a customer by writing a blog post about product, creating video about product, giving offers, recommendations, etc.

Lead generation is very important for a company or a marketer to get as much sales as possible. Increase in sales of a product helps to increase the growth of a company.

What is Lead Time?

"Lead time is calculated as a complete process, it is a time between starting of manufacturing of a product and delivery of that product."

For a company selling a digital product, lead time can be number of months needed to complete development of that product till it gets deliverable or delivered.

On other hand, for the company selling their own physical products , lead time can be number of days took from start of manufacturing to delivery of that product.

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