Why and When to say “Thank You for Your Patience”?

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Thank You for Your Patience

It is said that negativity increases negativity and positivity increases positivity. It must be true as most of the times positive person wins and most of the times negative person looses.

The phrase “Thank you for your patience” is mostly said to tell other person that they have to wait much more longer than they have expected.

What is patience?

Patience is an ability of a person to wait for anything until it happens. Anyone with patience can always be generous and positive.

Why to say “Thank You for Your Patience”?

This phrase is normally used by business officials, as a positive way of telling their clients that they have to wait. Instead of saying “Sorry, but you have to wait!” this phrase is used.

In other hand, this phrase is also used to let people know that they have waited more than usual and you are happy with that.

So to show them that their patience was very helpful for you to work on solving their problem, you should tell them about their patience.

This positive attitude helps you to take away focus of your client from your fault and towards your generosity. This make you genuine in front of your client without making them angry on you.

If you say “Sorry for delay” to your client they will be feeling angry towards you for wasting their time, but if you say “Thank you for your patience” they will not be angry on you.

When to say “Thank You for Your Patience”?

Case 1: Whenever someone waited for you more than you told them to, you must acknowledge them that you are thankful for their patience. This act of generocity have helped many businesses to grow them by using positive way of conversation.

For example,

If you are a web designer and your client gave you order of designing their website within 10 days. But you took 12 days to complete the designing process and still your client hasn’t rushed on you. In such cases you must thank them for their patience.

Case 2: Whenever you want someone to wait more than you told them to wait, you can use this positive way to ask them to wait more. All businesses use this stratergy from customer support to local businesses.

For example,

If your designing still need 8 more days to complete designing your clients website. You can tell them on 12th day that “Sir, We are working hard to make your website as beautiful as possible and we will need 8 more days to finish your work. We will make it as soon as possible, Thank you for your patience.”

When not to say “Thank You for Your Patience”?

Case 1: You must use this phrase only once for a mistake and not more than once for the same mistake. So that other person or your client don’t get irritated with that attitude of overly politeness.

For example,

If you delayed your clients work and already thanked them for their patience for previous delay, you cannot use this again for further delay on the same work.

Case 2: In some cases such as no reason delays or unofficial delays, apologizing is better than thanking for their patience. It is not always a negative approach to appologize about your mistakes when it is really your mistake.

For example,

If your client told you to make their website in 10 days because they are going to launch that website on 11th day. In such case it is important to make their website in 10 days and if you delay it, you must apologize to them instead of thanking them for their patience.


Hope we have included every information about how and when to use thank you for your patience phrase with complete details.

If you think there is any more information we should include in this article, please let us know in the comment section.

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