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About Broken Link Checker

We usually give links of another websites or posts on our article. It is possible that those links will change in future and some of those links will be no longer available. For SEO purpose, having broken links on our website is a negative point. Broken link checker helps you to find those links and then you can update broken links on your blog or website so that it stays SEO friendly.

What are broken links?

Broken links are those links which are no longer working/active on internet. Those links gives a 404 error to a person visiting them. For SEO purpose it is not a good thing for any blog post to have broken links in them.

If you blog or website contains broken links in it, Google crawlers finds them and considers your blog or website as a non active website as well as lowers your website ranking on Google search results.

Why to use Broken Link Checker?

It scans links of your whole website including links inside your posts. After finding those broken links it gives you list of broken links which you can check and easily update on your website.

After updating those broken links on your blog or website your website visitors will no longer have to face a 404 error while reading your content.

Broken link checker is best way to find and replace all broken links on your website to keep your website up to date and your SEO at its best.

What are benefits of broken link checker?

It has several benefits such as,

1. It helps to improve our website ranking by helping us finding and replacing broken links on our website.

2. It is easy to use and fast way to find broken links on a website.

How it works?

Our broken link checker scans all links available on your website including links you used in your posts and articles on your website.

After scanning all those links it finds those links which have 404 error or which are not available and shows you those links as a result.

How to use it?

This tool is completely easy to use as only two step action is needed to check broken links of your website.

Step1: Enter your website address in the given box.

Step2: Click on submit button. And Done! You get list of all broken links if there are any.

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