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About Color Picker

Color picker is a tool which will give you html codes for thousands of colors. This tool is very useful for website developers who develops their website in html. There is some more information given below about this tool.

Why to use color picker?

This tool gives you html color codes for thousands of colors within instance. If you are a website developer or a webmaster this tool will be most efficient tool for you.

What are benefits of color picker tool?

Everyone wants to make their website beautiful. For that they use css codes in their websites to make it attractive for every visitor. While writing css codes you need a perfect color with a perfect shade to make your website as beautiful as possible.

Here it comes the use of color picker, it gives you every shade available on the earth to make your website awesome. Just choose which shade you like and get its html and css code instantly. Use this color codes in your css files and you are good to go.

How it works?

Every color have a color code depending on its RGB value as hex code and common html or css code. Our color picker tool is beautifully designed to give you every possible shade as well as strength of the color.

It gives you the color code of your selected color by its RGB value as well as its transparency you have selected for that color.

Why to use our color picker?

Traditional color picker gives you just a code for normal color which have no shade comparison options. Our color picker gives you option to live compare your colors and grab its correct color code.

Normal color picker tools does not gives you transparency options while picking color and getting color code for your website.

Our color picker gives you code in just 1 click, just click on color you want and you get its code right at the movement.

How to use color picker?

Color picker is very easy to use just select the color you want and you get its code instantly.

You can also experiment with shades of that color you picked by selecting shades from the box of shades.

Here is a extra feature you get on our color picker which is, you can also select transparency of your color and get your desired code.

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