For Google Search Engine Optimization, these are the top ten best free SEO tools.

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These tools will assist you in managing and optimizing your website for search engines.


Ubersuggest is a no-cost SEO tool that assists you in developing new keyword recommendations. Ubersuggest is an SEO tool made by Neil Patel, which has allowed some parts of this tool to use for free. It was originally established as a program that scraped Google Suggest Terms.

Ubersuggest assists you in generating keyword suggestions related to your targeted keyword. It also allows you to examine the keyword’s ranking difficulty.

This tool is designed to either research your keyword or check the keywords that other websites are ranking for.

It is possible to manage your Google Search Engine results using Google Search Console.

Web admins can use Google Search Console to check and control their website’s exposure using an official interface with a wealth of information. SEO may be made much easier by optimizing your website for direct access to the tools and data given by search engines.

Google Webmaster Tools was the name of the program as of May 20, 2015. Google released a new version of the search console in January 2018 that included modifications to the user console. The old Search Console report, including the home and dashboard pages, was decommissioned in September of 2019.

Google’s Question Engine

The Google Question Hub tool is a Google-created platform that focuses on unsolved Internet questions. This is a tool that will help the blogging community understand what questions people are asking. Those are the questions for which there are no satisfactory answers.

Only three countries have access to the device thus far. India, Indonesia, and Nigeria are the countries in question. It also concentrates solely on English, Hindi, and Bahasa Indonesia in terms of language.

Some people access the Internet in the three countries mentioned above, but they lack language knowledge. They frequently ask queries in their tongue.

When it comes to India, Hindi is the most widely spoken language. There is a segment of the community that prefers to look up answers to their questions in Hindi.

The Google Keyword Planner is a search engine optimization tool.

The primary goal of Google Keyword Planner is to give advertisers keyword suggestions and traffic predictions to create a Search Network campaign.

However, this tool has been used by publishers and bloggers for years to estimate traffic to their targeted term and uncover related keyword suggestions.

It’s always ideal to acquire keyword static directly from Google, as this ensures accurate traffic numbers.

This program will be the finest for you if you don’t have a free tool to check the statics of any keyword.

Answer the Public’s Questions

Another tool for keyword ideas relating to our targeted keyword concept is Answer the Public. This provides you with all aspects of queries relating to your term posed by persons or the general public.

These include query starters like “what,” “why,” “where,” “when,” “which,” “how,” “can,” “will,” “are,” and so on. All queries are displayed in an image cloud, which details every facet of our targeted term and aids in the selection of the best keyword for our website.

Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track

Google Analytics is a Google-provided website data analytics service. To check user involvement, this technology tracks and reports website traffic to the website owner. Google released this service in November 2005.

It is the most widely used website analytics tool on the web. Google Analytics provides an SDK (software development kit) or javascript that collects usage statistics from websites, iOS, and Android apps.


GTMetrix is a program that allows us to test our website’s speed and generate thorough information on its performance. This is a free tool that uses Google Page Speed and YSlow to analyze your page speed.

This program then assigns scores to your pages and makes recommendations for how to improve them. We’ll show you how to utilize the GTMetrix plugin to boost the speed of your WordPress site in this article.

This allows you to get notifications on the status of your site right from the WordPress dashboard. This requires a free GTMetrix account. You can only use your free account API a specific number of times each day.

Test for Mobile Compatibility

A Mobile-Friendly Test is a tool that makes it simple to conduct a mobile site test and determine its mobile accountability score. Google uses the Mobile-Friendly Test to generate its scores.

Many sites have been penalized by Google throughout the years for providing a poor mobile experience. Google Mobile-Friendly Testing is a part of the overall ranking criteria, and it was later confirmed.

Because the number of users accessing websites via mobile phones is rapidly expanding, it is critical to guarantee that the website is responsive and provides a good mobile user experience.

The Rich Results Test by Google

The Google rich results test is a tool that checks if your pages have the necessary markup to display rich results in Google searches. It can also show you which rich results are suitable for inclusion in Google search results.

The tool does not specify how your rich results will appear in search, but it does suggest how they might appear if they do. Google has been notified to look at our publicly accessible pages to see the rich results the structured data on those pages can produce.

Generator of Robots.txt

It must be placed in the website’s root folder. It makes it easier for search engines to index our site.

Website crawlers, or robots, are used by search engines like Google to review all of the material on your website. As a result, this file instructs those robots or crawlers.

Robots.txt Generator is a program that allows you to create a robots.txt file for your website to be properly indexed by Google. This file is quite useful in informing search engines and improving the search engine optimization of our website.

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