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About Get Source Code of Website

This is a tool which will help you to get source code of any website or webpage instantly. Just by putting the url of website or webpage you can get source code even without visiting that website.

What is source code of website?

Every website is built with coding and every page of website holds different codes in it which decides its functionality as well as behaviour. Just by getting those codes, you can understand working of webpage or even implement those type of functions in your own website.

The source code of website can be in HTML, PHP or other website development language including CSS and JavaScript. You get all type of codes instantly by using this tool.

Why to use get source code of website tool?

You visit a website and like some of its widgets or scripts, but you don't know how to get it on your website? or you don't know how to code such widget in your website. In such conditions you can use this tool and get complete source code of that website or webpage and implement that widget into your website.

Not every website allows inspect element function of browser. Most of websites doesn't want anyone to see their source code. But you can get those source codes which are not accessible with inspect element function by using this tool.

What are benefits of this tool?

There are many benefits of this tool but we will refer only top 3 benefits of this tool.

  1. This tool is completely free to use and can help you to get source code of any website instantly.
  2. This tool is very beneficial for non coders or the peoples which have less knowledge of coding. It will help them to understand and implement any code from another websites into their website.
  3. It can get source code of websites which does not allow viewing their source code, which you can use for learning purpose.

How it works?

After a user gives url of website or webpage, this tool accesses that link and analyses all the codes including JavaScript on that website or webpage.

After that, this tool gives analysed source code of a website or webpage as a output which you can copy or edit on site.

How to use this tool?

This tool is completely easy to use as only two step action is required to find source code of any website.

Step1: Insert link (url) of any website or webpage into the box given.

Step2: Click on "Get Source Code" button. And Done!

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