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About Link Checker and Analyzer - DoFollow or NoFollow Checker

Link checker and analyzer is a tool which will help you to check all dofollow, nofollow, internal and external links on your or your competitor's websites. It shows you complete set of internal and external links which are available on inputted website. It also shows do follow and no follow links on respective website.

Why to use link checker and analyzer?

It is always good to keep track of dofollow, nofollow, internal as well as external links on your website. If you know all external links on your website you can keep essential links and exclude low authority or spam links if there are any.

This tool gives you detailed information about dofollow, nofollow, internal and external links on your website with list of all links.

You can also use this tool to check all links of your competitor's website to check how many links are there on their website. You can also use this tool to check if any website is giving backlink to you is do follow or no follow backlink.

How it works?

Link checker and analyzer visit all internal and external links of inputted website. It also checks if external links are dofollow links or nofollow links.

After all processes, it shows you list of all links available on inputted website with different lists. These lists include list of internal links of your website and list of external links of your website.

The result is given as number of total links, number of internal links, number of external links and number of nofollow links.

How to use Link checker and analyzer?

This tool is very simple and easy to use as only two step actions are required to check links available on any website.

Step1: Enter website address you want to check in the given box.

Step2: Click on submit button. And Done! You get complete information about all the links available on the inputted website.

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