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About Meta Tag Generator

Meta tag generator is a tool which will create a meta data for your website. This tool creates meta data such as, meta title, meta description, meta keywords, etc.

What is meta data?

Every search engine accesses the meta data a website, to understand and find details about that website. This meta data will act as a face of your website for a search engine and help to increase its SEO score.

If you do not have Meta data in your website, then it will be difficult for search engines to understand your website and eventually difficult to rank it in search results.

Why to use Meta tag generator?

Meta tag generator is a easy to use tool which will generate the meta data for your website. This tool is detailed yet easy to use.

After generating this Meta data, this data will act as informational data about your website for search engines and help them to find what your website is all about.

What are benefits of Meta tag generator?

For a non coder or a person who isn't good in coding, this generator will give a readymade Meta data code for their website.

They can use this Meta data into header section of their website and improve their SEO ranking into search engines.

How it works?

Meta tag generator has multiple sections to select between, but top 3 sections are most important which are site title, site description and site keywords.

You can also select additional options such as allow robots to index, allow robots to follow, content type, preferred language, search engine revisiting time and author information.

After you input all data about your site, you get a complete and detailed code which will help your posts to rank as well as help your website rank on top of search engine results.

Why to use our tool?

Our Meta tag generator is a complete tool, creating meta tags from title to the author of a website.

This tool is detailed yet simple and after using this tool you does not need any other meta data for your website. This tool creates as much Meta data is important for your website to rank on search engines.

How to use it?

This tool is completely easy to use, do following steps to generate Meta tags for your website.

Step1: Enter your site title into the 'Site Title' box (up to 70 characters).

Step2: Enter your site description into 'Site Description' box (up to 320 characters).

Step3: Enter your site keywords about your site into 'Site keywords' box (separated by commas)

Step4: Select between 'Yes' or 'No' that robots should index your site or not as well as follow all links site or not (usually select 'Yes, Yes').

Step5: Make sure you put content type at UTP-8, you can change it if your site have different type of content.

Step6: Select primary language for your website, this will help search engines to find out primary language of your website.

Step7: (Optional) You can define revisiting time (i.e. crawling time) for search engine bots as well as show the author information on search results by selecting and entering author details into given box.

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