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About Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker is a tool which is helpful to check a newly written post is unique or copied. It gives you result depending on percentage of copyrighted content versus percentage of unique content.

Every blogger and website owner wants to rank their website or post on 1st page of search engine. But search engines never rank a similar post which is already available in their search result.

So your post must be unique and not copy of any post available on the internet. But how can you find that? you can find that by simply using our plagiarism checker tool.

Why to use plagiarism checker?

Having a unique content on your blog or website is the only key to better SEO. If your blog or website doesn't have unique content in it, then it will not rank on search results of search engine.

To keep your post unique, you must have to check if there is similar post available on internet or not. This plagiarism checker (i.e copyrighted content checker) is a best tool to check the uniqueness of your blog post.

After knowing your content is at least 80% unique, you can post your blog post without any fear and it will rank on search results if the content is useful for readers.

What are benefits of using plagiarism checker?

There are several benefits of using plagiarism checker tool for SEO purpose of your blog or website.

1. It helps you to keep your content unique so that it ranks on the search results of search engines.

2. You don't have to check every similar post on the internet to know your content is unique or not.

3. It helps you to improve SEO ranking of your website and helps you to keep it in front of your competitors.

How it works?

This plagiarism checker tool scans for every sentence of your post on the internet and if it is available on internet it shows you as 'already exists'.

While scanning if it doesn't find the similar sentence of your post on internet, it shows it as a 'unique' content.

At last this tool calculates the number of sentences which already exists on internet and number of sentences which are unique and gives you final output in percentage of copyrighted vs unique content.

On the basis of percentage you can find that how much of your content is unique, and if it is more than 80% unique you can post it.

But sometimes your content is not 80% or more unique, in such conditions you can read the sentences it is showing as already exists and change them into different sentences with same meaning. You can also use our Paraphrasing Tool to make those sentences unique.

Why to use our plagiarism checker?

Our plagiarism tool is very simple and easy to use, anyone with basic internet knowledge can use it easily.

It does not have lengthy processes as capcha or pop up notifications, which increases speed of the process.

It supports long article or post, at a single time you can check a 1500 words long post instantly. But if you want to check a 3000 words long post then you have to divide your post into two parts and then check its plagiarism.

If you wnat to count words available on your post you can use our #Word Counter tool.

How to use it?

This tool is completely easy to use as it only takes two steps to check plagiarism of your blog post or article.

Step1: In the given box, paste your complete post upto 1500 words.

Step2: Click on submit button. And Done! You get complete analysis of your post about plagiarism and uniqueness of it.

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