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About Website Load Time Checker

Website Load Time Checker is a tool which will help you tho check loading time of your website, web pages and posts.

It is very important for better performance of your website to have light weight pages and posts in it. If your website have pages which loads slower, then it will be a negative point for SEO of your website.

We usually check our website speed but forget to check speed of its pages. Even if website is light weight and your webpages are not then it is not good for SEO of your website.

In search engines, usually people visits your web pages and web posts more than your website or homepage of your website, so having only light weight home page but not other pages can be problematic.

Why to use Website Load Time Checker?

This tool gives you load time of your website and its pages which makes it very useful tool. Check your page or post loading speed and decrease its size as needed.

Having a small size page and with a great loading speed of the page is very good implementation for SEO of any website.

What are benefits of Website Load Time Checker?

It is very beneficial for SEO of your website for the following reasons:
1. It helps you to keep your website lightweight.

2. It helps to improves overall performance of your website.

3. It helps you to lower the loading time of your website and improves its SEO.

How it works?

This tool analyses the speed of your website or webpage by visiting the url provided by you.

After visiting your inputted url, this tool calculates the speed and gives you output about the loading time of your website.

How to use it?

This tool is completely free and easy to use as only two step action is required to get load time of your website page or post.

Step1: Enter your website post or page url in the given box.

Step2: Click on submit button. And Done! You get load time of the website or web page you inputted.

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