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About Whois Checker

Whois checker is a useful tool to find out the owner of any website you want to know about.

Whois data is generally available for every one, but for security reasons people can hide their whois data. But still so much information about the owner of a website can be accessed.

Why to use whois checker?

Internet is free and no one owns it, it is a good thing but sometimes it can be a worse thing. There are many spams running around the world.

These spamming website can do fraud with any individual. In such conditions what you should do? Do you know whom to blame? Do you know whom to complaint about?

So for that this tool can be useful for you, it will give you the information about any website and its owner so that you can complaint to them or about them.

How it works?

For a security reasons every domain provider have to take complete information of a person who is purchasing domain from them.

This information provided by customer have contact details, name, address, and even phone number of the customer or a domain buyer.

All that information is publically available, so that the website owner can not do any fraud by that website. Our tool gives you this information free of cost, so that you can save yourself from such frauds.

What are benefits of whois checker?

Whois checker is beneficial for every internet user,

1. It gives you information about website owner, so that if any fraud happens you can complaint about that.

2. You can contact with website owner if you have any problem with the content available on that website.

3. It protects you from multiple spam and frauds acted by spamming and fraudster websites.

How to use it?

This is very simple and easy tool to use as only two step actions are required to know who is the owner of a website.

Step1: Enter website address you want to check in the given box.

Step2: Click on submit button. And Done! You get complete information about the author or owner of that website along with its server and DNS records.

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