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About Word Counter

Word counter is a tool which will give you the complete word count of your post or article along with the number of characters it have.

Why to use word counter?

Some of the bloggers always want their post to be greater than decided amount of words. They already have their count decided, some decide to have more than 1000 words and some decide to have more than 2000 words.

They are so consistent with this and does not want to have even 1 word less than their decided mark of word count.

In such conditions they use this tool to count the number of words they have in to their article or post.

What are benefits of word counter?

It is proven that having big and in-depth blog post or article can be easily ranked on search engines.

It can be beneficial for counting words of your competitor's posts so that you can write a bigger article than them.

It is good for SEO to write bigger and in-depth post than a ranking post, so you can count words of both yours and your competitor's posts.

How to use it?

This tool is completely free and easy to use as only two step action is required to count words in your post or article.

Step1: Copy and paste the whole post in to the given box.

Step2: Click on 'Count' button. And Done! You get the number of words your post have along with the number of characters your post have.

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