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About XML Sitemap Generator

XML sitemap holds all the mapping of your website, such as its posts, pages, categories, feeds, etc.

For every search engine, sitemap of a website is very important, as those search engines rank the posts depending on the post included in to sitemap.

Why you should have a sitemap?

Your website as well as its posts are crawled by search engines, and all things are crawled with the help of sitemap.

Your sitemap have every information about your website along with its pages and posts. Search engine accesses and finds those links of all content on your website. But how it differentiates the hierarchy, here it comes the sitemap.

Your website is correctly mapped into the sitemap of your website as your website at top and all subsections such as web pages and posts are below in the hierarchy.

To let the search engines find every part of your website so that it can rank it, you must have a sitemap for your website.

What are benefits of having sitemap on your website?

Sitemap is the most important part of your website and is must be on all websites if those website want to rank on search results of search engines.

Many people doesn't know the importance of having a sitemap on their website and they keep wondering that why their website is not ranking on search results.

And the answer is that, they don't have sitemap of their website into the search engine.

How it works?

It is simple, you create a sitemap of your website using our tool and upload this file to server of copy this to your sitemap file.

After having a sitemap of your website, you have to update this sitemap in to Google search console and yahoo webmaster tools.

Once you update this sitemap into the search engine webmaster tools, those search engines will be able to access all the pages and posts of your website.

As all search engines becomes able to access all parts and pages as well as post of your website they start ranking those posts as per their authority.

How to use it?

This tool is completely easy to use as only few steps are required to sitemap file for your website.

Step1: Enter your domain name in to 'Enter a domain name' box.

Step2: Now select 'Modified date' as Today's date.

Step3: Now select 'Change frequency' and 'Default priority' as per you need.

Step4: Select how many pages you need to be crawled by search engines to include in to sitemap.

Step5: Click on 'Generate sitemap' button to generate the sitemap.

Step6: Then click on 'Save XML file' to save the xml file to your computer.

Step7: Now upload the saved xml file to root directory of your website hosting file manager.

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