SSL Certificate

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SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is vital for the security of your website since it allows a secure connection to be established between your server and a browser. This connection allows for the safe transport of information, such as between your website and your customer.

Google is now reporting all websites that do not have SSL certificates, not only e-commerce sites.

You are not alone in not giving much thought to website security. Many don’t consider it until their website is attacked.

SSL Is Crucial For Your Website

1. The Unsafe Flag

Google will label your site “Not Secure,” causing some visitors to leave immediately. People trust Google, so if Google warns them, they’ll leave your site and go to one of your competitors.

2. Your Website’s Security

This year has already witnessed several security incidents in which sensitive information has been compromised. SSL encrypts data, rendering the information you collect useless to anyone with the encryption key. When your prospects realize that your website is secure, they are more likely to believe in your business strategy.

3. Enables the use of the internet to conduct business.

Whether you plan on accepting payments online now or in the future, an SSL certificate may be necessary to protect the personal information of your website’s visitors.

4. Data Protection for Visitors

If you obtain any information about the people who visit your website (search bars, contact forms), you’re a target for cybercriminals. Be proactive in defending your website’s visitors.

5. Boost Your Website’s SEO

Non-secure websites may suffer from search engine optimization penalties from Google, even if this has not been proven. Visitors that visit a non-secure webpage spend less time there, lowering search rankings, regardless of whether this is embedded into Google’s algorithms or not. Either way, it’s required.

Not necessarily, but why not learn how to utilize SSL?

Contact your website’s internet hosting company. Although some companies may include an SSL Certificate as part of their web hosting plan for free, there is an annual fee.

Google does not recommend SSL certificates. Any third-party vendor who asserts this is not to be trusted.

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